Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Naughty Rutty at Swanfield

Last Sunday we had an exciting time at Swanfield.

I love the concept of bringing together creative minds under one surprise, the result is an exciting and inspiring atmosphere as much for artists and designers, as it is to anyone visiting, finding beautiful and interesting things.

I wish there were more regular pop up boutiques like this. I think this is the way to go now. So well done Cissi and Katherine and all the people involved.

And there is still time to find Naughty Rutty there as we will be at Swanfield for one more Sunday.

Come by and see us this Sunday 12th April

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Blogger downtherabbithole said...

Hello. I actually came to Swanfield and bought a lovely badge off you and stayed for a quick concert which was just lovely. I've posted a bit about you on my blog so have a look if you'd like,
Best wishes.

17 April 2009 at 07:42  
Blogger said...

Jotta magazine are helping to curate artists for the original Swanfield pop-up boutique in Carnaby Street. A travelling department store full of local designers, artists, musicians and bakers all under one roof…

21 July 2009 at 07:57  

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